How much does junk removal cost?

We gauge each job on how much gets filled into the trailer to ensure fair prices to our customers . Natural/organic items like tree branches cost less. Call for a quote with Jon for the best option to discuss.

Will your junk removal company throw all of my stuff away?

We remove most junk but do NOT remove: tires, paint, flammable liquids or large amounts of food trash.

What do I do with items that I don't want to keep but also don't want to throw away?

We can haul it away to another location, if in the area.

What if your trucks cannot fit in my small residential area?

We got you covered! We can use dolly's wheel barrels, and park as close as we can.

Do I have to do any heavy lifting myself?

Not at all, we have at least two to three strong men that can do the lifting!

What kind of junk will you remove?

We remove: Tree limbs/ branches, hot tubs removal, construction debris, roofing debris, storage clear outs, garage clear outs. Also, shed, swing sets, trampoline demolitions.

Who will be working at my home?

Jon and a helper or two.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

How do I book an appointment?

For quickest response to call or text Jon. You may also book through our Contact Us page!

Is anything too big for you to remove?

We currently do NOT remove: Dirt and gravel piles

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept: Cash, PayPal, Zelle, Cash app, Credit cards (with small fee), Checks.

What if I cannot be home during the service?

Not a problem, we can take pictures of the before and after, as well as the loaded trailer. We can also take payment over the phone or through a payment app on cell phone.